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What is DAZ 3D?
Choose from thousands of 3D models, creatures, people, buildings, monsters and plants, props to create a scene or "shoot" and not an animation video for Youtube or you can use the models created for a 3d game, 3d pictures galleries. Coated, Color shapes, presents, and give them expression. Once the stage is set, adjust the angles of illumination and camera and start snapping stunning images. The great thing! The ownership of these images belongs to you. Not convinced ??? If you do not think you can convince yourself. Use them as book covers, posters, banners or whatever you want. All are yours and you can do whatever you want with them, buy as you like. You can now be on stage as a great producer and a great artist.
PS: Daz Studio is a free program very diverse and easy to use.
Thousands of tutorials and a large community of artists are available only for you to be truly happy.
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DAZ 3D - Transforming Daz Dragon 3 with Zbrush

DAZ 3D - Transforming Daz Dragon 3 with Zbrush

Transforming Daz Dragon 3 with Zbrush

This is more than six hours tutorials in an existing popular dragon model and learn how to develop it again. Find out how morphs added and change the details and coloring with ZBrush. It is a global project, how to create new morphs to change a pattern, use secondary sculpture for details and creating texture maps and coloring to a new look and feel to give to the model. These tutorials were recorded for a live webinar class in Full HD and presented by the master sculptor John Haverkamp.


Need ZBrush (4R7 was used) to follow with these tutorials and have a fundamental to the average knowledge of this software. When preparing and processing textures in this manual, we used Photoshop.

You will learn that

1. A complete tour of the Dragon Daz. 3

2. An examination of the anatomy of the dragon with geometrically simplified forms.

3. A complete list of step-by-step instructions for building morphs for iterative dragon designs

4. Learn the secrets of iterative design. How to create "happy accidents" and variations of Daz Dragon 3, which can be sold in store Daz 3D

5. The paint and texture of your dragon.

6. It all works in an iray shader in Daz

Transforming Daz Dragon 3 with Zbrush - download now...

Transforming Daz Dragon 3 with Zbrush

Transforming Daz Dragon 3 with Zbrush

Transforming Daz Dragon 3 with Zbrush

Transforming Daz Dragon 3 with Zbrush

  • Session 1 - Dragon Tour:
    • 1. A complete tour of the DAZ 3 dragon. The geometry is the form. How to use the base topology to your complete advantage.
    • 2. An examination of the simplified form dragon. Considering the form and anatomy to build the skills for creating realistic fantasy anatomy with appealing design variations.
    • 3. A comprehensive and step-by-step guide for building morphs for iterative designs of Dragon 3. This includes resizing limbs and wings, reshaping the head and adding horns.
    • 4. We go through some of the secrets of iterative design. How to generate 'happy accidents' and variants of the Daz 3 Dragon by adding morphs. You'll learn how to make morphs created in ZBrush to work for you in Daz Studio.
  • Session 2 - Re-engineering with Morphs:
    • 1. Using GoZ to transfer the changes to back to DAZ
    • 2. Adjusting morph properties and ranges in DAZ
    • 3. Iterating with multiple morphs to find a 'sweet' design
    • 4. Consolidating many morphs into a single morph dial.
  • Session 3 - Secondary Sculpt Pass for Better Texturing:
    • Since the primary forms are potentially changed dramatically from the base Dragon 3, a new texture set is recommended for each major Morph Variation! To start this process, the mesh is sub-divided in Zbrush and an overall secondary sculpt pass is applied BEFORE the alpha detailing. Think of this as the 3D under-painting that sets up the final detail. Without a good secondary pass, alphas details often look generic or even fake.
    • 1. Skin wrinkles, muscle and fat anatomy details.:
      • a. Wrinkle theory, cutting in with the dam standard brush
      • b. Inflation, brush passes the influence of fat and gravity
      • c. Standard and clay brush, uses for reinforcing both wrinkles and fat details.
      • d. Starting to build scale details by hand.
      • e. Developing a flow or rhythm that introduces randomness for a natural 'feel'.
    • 2. Original Alpha creation:
      • a. Getting legal photo reference and preparing it in Photoshop
      • b. Sculpting texture details from scratch on a plane in Zbrush
      • c. Making tilable textures in Photoshop and Zbrush
      • d. Making 'hero' detail patches
    • 3. Using Alpha's with layers:
      • a. Morph targets and morph brush options
      • b. Layer mixing
      • c. Customizing brushes
    • 4. Reinforcing the Alpha details pass with manual sculpting:
      • a. Rinse and repeat until finished!
  • Session 4 - Colouring your Dragon:
    • 1. Painting the Diffuse layer:
      • a. color theory
      • b. using the mask menu to assist with color painting
      • c. spray and color spray brushes
    • 2. Map Extraction:
      • a. Normal
      • d. Displacement
      • c. Diffuse
      • d. Ambient Occlusion
      • c. Cavity
      • e. Metal, Rough, or Spec and Glossy, the differences and how to use the mask menu in zbrush plus adjustments photoshop to build them
    • 3. Getting it all working in an Iray shader in Daz
      • a. importing the maps to the right slots
      • b. playing with settings and options
  • Bonus Session:
    • How to create luminous detailing/coloring.
  • This product includes:
    • 5 General Installers

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DAZ Studio 4.7 a try for yourself because the program is free and you have nothing to lose.
The program can be downloaded from the official website and is completely

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- Genesis Starter Basics - Resentimentalizare_1.13 - 3D Bridge for Adobe Photoshop - DS4_3DBridge_1.3.0.18 - GoZ Bridge - DS4_GoZ_1.3.0.18
To install DAZ Studio 4 ( window
To install DAZ Studio 4 ( Mac

DAZ Studio 4.6 Pro


DAZ Studio 4 Pro comes with:


Content Creator Toolkit

  • Weight-Map Brush (New) - Paint TriAxTM and traditional weight-maps for your figures.
  • Transfer Utility (New) - Transfer rigging, grouping, and shapes from one object in your scene to another.
  • Polygon Group Editor Tool (New) - Create/Edit polygon groups on any model.
  • Figure Setup Tab (Updated) - (previously Skeleton Setup) Define the bone hierarchy for a figure, associated geometries, and the relationships between them.
  • Joint Editor Tool (Updated) - Manipulate the Joint Parameters of a figure, along with the ability to create and/or remove bones.
  • CR2 Exporter (Updated) - Export figures to the Poser® Character (.cr2) format.
  • Property Editor Tab (Updated) - Mass editing of property attributes, as well as creation, deletion, grouping, ordering and linking.
  • ERC Freeze - Adjust property values (via Parameters tab or Presets/Poses) and link those properties to a controller; automatically calculating the scalar required to drive the properties to their current value when the controller is set to its current value (or 1 in the case of a 0 value).
  • Morph Loader Pro (Updated) - Quickly and easily add your own custom and third-party morphs to objects in your scene, using Wavefront Object (*.obj) files, with many more options and much greater control than the Advanced version.
  • ExP Exporter - Generate ExP product files through a visual interface. This tool greatly simplifies a very tedious and time-consuming process that had to be done by hand prior to this tool.

GoZ Bridge For DAZ Studio 4

  If you are addicted to the millions of polygons available to you in PixologicTM ZBrush®, and love the rigging and character control afforded you by DAZ Studio 4, you do not have to choose. This bridge will allow you take your model from DAZ Studio 4 to ZBrush and back, with ease. Combine the strengths of these great applications with DAZ Studio 4 Professional.  

3D Bridge for Adobe® Photoshop®

  Easily pose characters and objects three-dimensionally while in DAZ Studio and see automatically updated results in Photoshop.  

Autodesk® FBX Exporter

FBX allows you to maximize their content creation pipeline by giving you the ability to create cutting edge content without having to worry about inter-package compatibility. It provides a powerful new way of working with 3D content from a wide variety of applications and source material providers. Support for FBX in DAZ Studio gives you access to the wealth of tools and content available through the extensive network of FBX partners.

Texture Atlas

Creating characters or models for games? Increase efficiency and performance for games and real-time performance with Texture Atlas. Texture Atlas for DAZ Studio allows you to automatically collect all of the textures associated with a selected figure, size and scale those images, and combine them into new texture groupings. Optimize the space used in the combined texture atlas to reduce the overall size of the images and improve performance in real-time applications.

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