DAZ 3D - Hidden Waterfalls

DAZ 3D - Hidden Waterfalls

Hidden Waterfalls

For thousands of years, running water has carved its niche in the limestone cliffs of the escarpment. Massive slabs of limestone lay where they fell carved at the base of twin falls on the river. The lower falls are surrounded on one side by a wall of rock that dominates the rocky terrain. If you look closely, the entrance to a cave hidden behind the cascading waters see.
This varied landscape and realistic work with fantasy, medieval, western scenes, modern and post-apocalyptic, not to mention the presentation of nature itself. A series of six sedimentary rocks are included, surmounted by a massive slab of limestone that looks good from any angle, and a dead tree sculpture accessory is dangerously close to the cliff overlooking the raging river.
Hide the elements of water offers a rugged terrain with rocks and makes access difficult at the entrance of the cave.
Divided into sections that correspond to these modular pieces of land finely sculpted and textured together to explore a wild natural landscape full of nooks and crannies and rendering form. Items can be easily hidden for camera placement and made invisible if they do not increase in terms of processing speed. Overall, the upper falls and lower falls scene consists of more than 200,000 made polished. (Rendering Techniques composite is recommended on slow computers) Compatible with Poser 6 + and DAZ Studio and beyond. The whole scene is also reduced in the Upper Falls and Falls lowlands that can be charged separately to the number of polygons is divided more localized.
There are several preset positions taken to move quickly to the environment as a whole. Auto light for glue, D | S and sun are actually included.
Read the README and the wiki for more product information, tips and techniques to take advantage of the effects of water to develop their full potential. It is a vast world of blows and exuberant scenes developed.
There is also a video on Youtube Open GL transfer to give a 360 degree movie with the space and scale of the scene.

DAZ 3D - Hidden Waterfalls

  • Poser:
    • Full Waterfall Preload
    • Lower Falls
    • Terrain Add-Ons for Lower Falls
    • Upper Falls
    • 7 Rocks and Stones
    • 1 Tree on Cliff
    • 10 Camera Presets
    • 1 Light Preset
    • Bonus: Complete Scene (.PZ3)
  • DAZ Studio:
    • Full Waterfall Preload
    • 1 Hidden Canyon No Water
    • Lower Falls
    • Upper Falls
    • 7 Rocks and Stones
    • 1 Tree on Cliff
    • 27 Camera Presets
    • 4 Light Preset
      • Dark for HWF
      • Light Warm
      • Lit Blue Moon
      • Reality Sun Light Set
  • Textures Include:
    • 13 Misc Textures for Scene (4096x4096)
    • 13 Misc Textures for Scene (2048x2048)
    • 2 Misc Textures for Scene (1024x1024)

Notes No
Compatible 3D Figures N/A
Compatible 3D Software DAZ Studio, Poser

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