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DAZ 3D - STUDIO*MASTER: Advanced Posing in DAZ Studio 4.7

DAZ 3D - STUDIO*MASTER: Advanced Posing in DAZ Studio 4.7

STUDIO*MASTER: Advanced Posing in DAZ Studio 4.7

A smart guy once stated that "Understanding originates from education, but knowledge originates from experience." Advanced Appearing in DAZ Studio is filled with the understanding you need to get began with appearing in DAZ Studio 4.7 creating poses in the simple everyday to professional-quality.

All that's missing is both you and your imagination. You will notice that this Studio*Master tutorial covers an array of appearing related subjects, step-by-step instructions and abilities exercises to improve your understanding level, help develop your expertise while increasing your level of experience. You don't need to possess any prior knowledge about appearing to understand appearing with this particular course.

The data provided covers subjects for example:

Orientation of objects within the three dimensional Space

The Fundamentals of Appearing in almost any application

Associations of Bones and Rigging to Appearing

Restricting movement to preserve model design

Reason for Ghost bones for clothing props

Mix-usage of poses to various figures

Planning your pose and where to start

Common appearing tools and changes

Resetting poses and fixing mistakes

Appearing with Freehand and Direct Manipulation

Creating standard Content Library folders

Preparing for sufficient thumbnail image creation

Saving your partial and full pose masterpieces

Creating and Saving Hierarchical Pose Presets

Packaging your pose files for distribution

plus much more...

Note: Despite the fact that this tutorial was created to be used with DAZ Studio, it covers many general appearing ideas and methods which are non-program specific and could prove helpful in almost any program that enables customers to pose three dimensional models.

This 205-page tutorial is within PDF format and fully highlighted with more than 200 images including actual screenshots.

DAZ 3D - STUDIO*MASTER: Advanced Posing in DAZ Studio 4.7

STUDIO*MASTER: Advanced Posing in DAZ Studio 4.7

STUDIO*MASTER: Advanced Posing in DAZ Studio 4.7

STUDIO*MASTER: Advanced Posing in DAZ Studio 4.7

STUDIO*MASTER: Advanced Posing in DAZ Studio 4.7

  • Introduction
  • DAZ Studio Setup
    • Window Layout
    • Window Style
    • Viewport Settings
  • 3D Space
    • Axis Directions
    • Floor or Ground Level
  • Basics of Posing
    • T-Pose
    • “Zero” Pose
    • Transformations
    • Pose Types
  • Bones and Rigging
    • Viewing Skeleton
    • Object Orientation
    • Rotating Character
    • Unrigged Objects
    • Bone Structure
    • Orientation
    • Bone Hierarchy
    • Limits
    • Cross-Utilization
    • Parenting Connections
    • “Face” Groups
    • Weight Mapping
    • Ghost Bones
  • Grouping Objects
    • Null Method
    • Group Method
    • Creation Order
    • Iconic Differences
  • Preparation
    • Alternate Starting Pose
    • Choosing Characters
    • Planning Your Pose
    • DS Configuration
  • Posing 3D Objects
    • Develop Good Habits
    • Routinely Save Scene
    • Posing Tab
    • Common Adjustments
    • Copy Symmetry
    • Grounding Objects
    • Framing Nodes
    • Pinning Bones
    • Reset Complete Figure
    • Reset Partial Figure
    • Correcting Mistakes
    • FREEHAND Posing
    • DIRECT Manipulation
    • Posing Methods
    • Region/Node Selection
    • Universal Tool
    • Pose Tool
    • Properties and Values
    • Create Mirror Poses
    • Saving Your Pose
    • Content Locations
    • Creating Pose Folders
    • Finding My DAZ 3D Library
    • Authorship Information
    • Thumbnail Images
    • Saving Partial Pose
    • Testing Your Pose Preset
    • Saving Full Pose
    • Positional vs. Neutral
    • Saving Positional Pose
    • Saving Neutral Pose
    • Testing Your Pose Presets
    • Finding Your Files
    • Customizing Pose File
    • Archiving Pose Files
  • Multi-Object Poses
    • Hierarchical Pose Preset
    • Parenting Is HIP
    • Create A Scene
    • Parenting Objects
    • Save Hierarchical Pose Preset
    • Test Hierarchical Pose Preset
    • HPP Quick Reference
  • Basic Posing Guide
    • 9-Steps To Success
  • Content Creation Tools
    • Properties Tabs
    • Property Editor
    • Property Hierarchy
    • ERC Freeze
    • Pose Controls
    • Creating A Pose Control
    • Facial Expressions
    • Paired Poses
    • Props and Accessories
    • Clothing and Weapons
  • Conclusion
  • This product includes:
    • 1 General Installer

Compatible Figures:
Compatible Software:

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