DAZ 3D - GenX2 AddOn for Genesis 3

DAZ 3D - GenX2 AddOn for Genesis 3

GenX2 AddOn for Genesis 3

This module extends Genesis X2 generation (of GenX2) in the world of Genesis 3. Now it is possible to transfer morphs of Genesis, Genesis 2 and supports digit Ask Genesis 3 male and female. Moreover morphs are able to Genesis 3 Genesis and Genesis 2, or between male and female version of Genesis 3. Facial seals expression of Genesis 3 are set to transmit the transmitted Morph, if any.

After setting Genesis 3 in the form of Genesis, Genesis 2, or one of the existing numbers, you can now return all forms and expressions characters you for the original figure. With GenX2, you can transfer all or selected morphs from a sustained character of Genesis 3 male and female. And thanks to the automatic sequence function of DAZ Studio, all the clothes meet these morphs.

Please note that the only available clone morphs to Genesis 3 in the previous Genesis 2, but not the original Genesis figure or figures for Poser. Therefore, Genesis 2 is always necessary as an interim figure and therefore Genesis 3 add-on is not without Genesis 2 GenX2 add-on.

With the two add-ons for Genesis Genesis 2 and 3, you can morph transmitted in each direction between Genesis, Genesis 2 men, 2 women Genesis, Genesis 3 men and 3 women Genesis. It also allows the generation 4-digit transmission (Victoria 4, Michael 4 and 4 children) Genesis 3 male and female. Ask more characters are supported by separate add-ons.

GenX2 AddOn for Genesis 3 - download now...

GenX2 AddOn for Genesis 3

  • Add-on for Genesis Generation X2
  • Adds support for Genesis 3 Male/Female
  • Requires Genesis 2 Add-on
  • Manual included.
  • This product includes:
    • 1 DSON Core Installer

Compatible Figures:
Compatible Software:
DAZ Studio 4.9
Required Products:
Genesis Generation X2GenX2 AddOn for Genesis 2
Install Types:
Install Manager Manual Install

DAZ Studio 4.7 a try for yourself because the program is free and you have nothing to lose.
The program can be downloaded from the official website and is completely free...www.daz3d.com

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