DAZ 3D - 1967 AM GT Sports Car

DAZ 3D - 1967 AM GT Sports Car

1967 AM GT Sports Car

 Take your Millennium Stats Cruisin' inside of this conventional American Muscle mass automobile. It comes with all the first logos and even LeMans stripes!

1967 AM GT Sports Car - download now...

  • 1500x1500 Texture for the Body and Chassis
  • Bump Maps for Added Detail to the Chassis, Emblems, Grill
  • Reflection Map for Chrome Effects.
  • Opening Doors, Trunk and Hood [With Limits]
  • Articulate Steering Wheel and Front Wheels
  • 1200x1200 Texture for the Whole Interior, Including:
    • Original, Accurate Gauges
    • Lacarra Steering Wheel
    • Custom Shifter Knob
    • Deluxe Dash and Door Panels
    • Sideview and Rearview Mirrors
    • Roll Bar
    • Carpet
    • Door Panels
    • Seats
    • Pioneer Stereo [Instead Of the Original AM Radio]
  • 1200x1200 Texture for:
    • Engine Block
    • Valve Covers
    • Air Filter and Intake
    • Front and Rear Disc Brakes [Instead Of the Original Rear Drums]
The reference material used to make this car is mostly a lot of pictures found on the web, and NPD's '65-'73 parts catalog. Special thanks goes to Donald Sielke (Dudley) for all the support and the help on Poser, without his help I probably wouldn't finished this model, and thanks to Ryan Trevisol for the inspiration by making his awesome model for Racer.

Daz Originals Alberto Daniel Russo
Compatible Figures:
Compatible Software:
DAZ Studio, Poser
Install Types:
Daz Connect Install Manager Manual Install

DAZ Studio 4.7 a try for yourself because the program is free and you have nothing to lose.
The program can be downloaded from the official website and is completely free... www.daz3d.com

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